Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grant Meets The New Puppy!

Grant, meet Sasha, Grandma's new puppy!!

Not even out of his car seat yet and already the puppy is hiding from Grant!

I think we're going to be friends forever!

Kiss kiss!!


Miscellaneous Pics since the last blog!

Watching football at Grandma's!
Spending time with Daddy!

I fell asleep during the church potluck!

I thing Marlowe likes my car seat!

Uncle Steve likes spending time with me!

Me and my friend Tyler!

I worked with Mommy and Daddy a lot at Greenspace selling Christmas trees! Mommy always says I can sleep anywhere. Here I am on the desk!

I got to spend some time at ProTech with Uncle Brian and Uncle Jim on Christmas Eve! Apparantly I needed some help looking at the camera!

My first Christmas!

What a wonderful first Christmas I had! I'm sure I will have alot more fun being a terror next year though!
Here is my first Christmas tree!
I slept nicely while Mommy and Daddy decorated it!

And of course Manny was on the tree skirt right away!

I went to the Christmas Eve service at church and loved watching the handbells with Grandma!

Christmas morning..........I still had visions of sugarplums dancing in my head!

Ok.....where did the sugarplums go!

Mommy and Daddy had to help me unwrap my presents this year!

Here I am with my Aunties (my mom messed up this pic a little)!

All smiles on Christmas Day!

Our trip to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving!

While we were in New Hampshire I got to meet my Papa. He took me to see the buses where he works!

What a handsome bus driver!

I also got to meet my Auntie Lynn, Uncle Matt, and new cousin Trevor!

Papa couldn't wait to show both of us off to his friends at the bowling alley!

I also got to meet my Great Gram Grant!

Here are 4 generations of Grants!

Here I am on my first Thanksgiving!

It was late by the time my mom and dad remembered to take a family picture so we all look a little rough! At least we got the picure for prosperity!

But all good things have to come to an end. Here we are at the airport to go home! Can't wait to see you again Grammy and Papa!

Family Pics

On November 8, 2008 we went for family pics! I love the way they turned out! Hope you enjoy!

Here is the whole family!

Here is the French family!

Grant and his Grandma! Isn't this sweet!

I love how these pictures really bring out the red in his hair. We have no clue where that comes from!

Here are the girls!