Monday, March 9, 2009

A couple of cute pics!

Grant and Sasha......they are both growing up so fast!

His little heiny is squeezed into this outfit.

If only I could get him to really smile but the flash on the camera intrigues him and he just gives a dopey look!

Hello Spring!

Only in Virginia do you have snow on a Monday and Spring on Saturday! What a lovely weekend it was! We took Grant out for a nice spring-time walk. He got to see geese and ducks. He loved it!

Do you think Grant is being set up to be a Red Sox fan???

Monday, March 2, 2009

Grant's First Snow

Well, we had a big snow here in Virginia! We took Grant out in it when James got home today!

He reminds me of the younger brother in "A Christmas Story"

After we came in Mom gave me a nice warm bath...

...and Dad gave me some nice warm milk!
It should snow more often!!!

Playing Hide and Seek

So I went into the kitchen the other day to make myself some lunch and I left Grant right in the middle of the floor. This is what I came back to! Nothing! I know he is not crawling yet and logic told me that nobody broke in and stole him that quietly and quickly but my heart skipped a beat. I could not figure it out for a second......Then I heard the laugh!

He was so proud that he had scooched in reverse and was halfway under the couch! He is really beginning to be a lot of fun!

Grant turns 7 months old!

I can hardly believe how fast time is going. Does anybody know how to slow it down???

Visit with the Greats!!!

Grant has been very happy being able to spend some time with his Great Grandma Winkie, Great Aunt Candy, and Great Uncle Phillip!